Fabrication software solutions to manage and maximize your machinery investment—seamlessly, 有效地, and automatically.

Today’s manufacturing environment is more challenging than it has ever been. Lot sizes are smaller, machines are faster, and bottlenecks are harder to avoid. Management of information is of the utmost importance. 事实上, many of our customers no longer consider themselves fabricators but now data management centers.

To help our customers overcome these challenges, bt365体育娱乐 Systems has created DiamondFAB to provide solution-based tools for programming, production control, 和监控.

Become more competitive. Expand into new markets. By enhancing your Mitsubishi laser machine with DiamondFAB automation software, you’ll be able to bring your business into the future of high-speed, high-reward machining. From ERP integration to forming and beyond, we have you covered.

Best practices to keep your fiber laser running at peak performance


二氧化碳和. 纤维 – Which technology is right for your application

Cutting with fiber lasers


Measurable advantages in implementing new technology

Two customers’ amazing stories highlighted in top trade publications


Are you searching for a specific solution to fill that empty spot on your shop floor? Do you need to build integrated manufacturing cells from the ground up? You’re in the right place. Our expertise spans virtually every aspect of metalworking.

  • "“We’re excited with all of the things that Mitsubishi 激光 is bringing to the marketplace because it helps us achieve our goals of being profitable and having sustainable growth."

    如果查, Olympic Steel's plant manager of the Buford location’s Fabrication Division 了解更多
  • "It is just a mind-blowing, amazing machine. I had never been sold on fiber lasers because of micro-burr and concerns about edge quality, but the GX-F has burr reduction technology that makes burr non-existent."

    科迪御夫座, President of 激光nut 了解更多

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